National Multimodal Distribution

Select one of many distribution channels to strike the right balance between cost and operational objectives: Road / Rail / Air & Sea

Multimodal Distribution

RPC Logistics offer Road, Rail, Air and Sea distribution solutions for customer consignments.

Whilst road transport traditionally offers the most consistent movement of consignments, alternative solutions can be developed utilising coastal shipping and rail to provide customers with more cost-effective alternatives, or Air freight to expedite the delivery of urgent freight.

These alternatives can be mixed and matched to best meet customers’ operational requirements.

All multimodal options are managed end-to-end by RPC through our network of approved service partners.


To discuss how RPC Logistics may be able to assist with your multimodal distribution, please contact us to receive a quote.

Key Features

  • Multiple distribution options to meet cost and operational requirements
  • End-to-end multimodal options managed by RPC
  • 24 hour online customer access to inventory records, movements and transactions



  • Road Transport
  • Coastal Shipping (Both packaged & bulk products)
  • Rail
  • Urgent Air Freight Consignments

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